Yuno Analytics

Software Development
Machine Learning
Social Media Analytics
Data Analysis
Yuno Analytics was a social media analytics company giving insights into the national marketing campaigns run by major brands in Japan. I performed data analysis of the public perception of marketing campaigns by using sentiment and volume analysis techniques, which I wrote using python and skills that I picked up from my earlier neuroscience research.

Data Analysis & Machine Learning

I performed data analysis on Japanese social media data. In particular, I focused on mapping a timeline of individual events as part of a wider marketing campaign to specific responses generated on social media, performing both volume and sentiment analysis using NLP to assess which parts of a marketing campaign were delivering the best ROI.

Software Development

I wrote an internal python application to pull social media data in from external APIs and web scrapers and then performed various analyses on the data.

Sales & Marketing

I ran an outbound sales and marketing campaign targeting large multinational businesses such as Nestle, JWT, Universal Music and many more to win new business.